Automation is a cornerstone of modern software development and a sheer number of choices and nomenclature can be daunting: SaaS, PaaS, DevOps, NoOps, automated code reviews, release gates, code repositories - you name it. However, if automation is not implemented correctly and prudently it may become a hinderance and a resource drain on your business. Some of the common issues you may encounter dealing with improperly implemented automation are:

  • Finding yourself having to hire a team to maintain your automation.
  • Lack of security with unconstrained credentials sharing, transport, ad-hoc credential storage and credential leaking.
  • Fragility and poor maintainability that causes frequent failures requiring manual intervention.

In order to avoid such issues you need Karellen specialists with deep and broad understanding of all systems and technologies involved.


Development organizations of all sizes experience inefficiencies resulting in reduced development velocity, swelling headcount, and bloated infrastructure spend. Karellen provides fully customizable automated workflows that enforce your organization’s best practices. This eliminates obstacles to continuous developer productivity and streamlines the entire pipeline from product management into production. This allows organizations to:

  • Maximize Return on Investment in staff, software, and infrastructure
  • Minimize spend on infrastructure across data centers and multiple clouds
  • Minimize Time-To-Market on new product and feature development
  • Minimize headcount dedicated to DevOps and QA
  • Maximize velocity by allowing developers to focus on important business functionality
  • Maximize developer satisfaction by elimination of dull repetitive tasks
  • Minimize operational friction within and between teams
  • Maximize security
  • Minimize human error via automation and policy
  • Maximize availability of the entire DevOps pipeline
  • Maximize visibility across the entire DevOps pipeline to support continuous improvement
  • Minimize new project ramp-up time and cost
  • Minimize staff onboarding time and cost
  • Minimize the complexity of the entire DevOps ecosystem


The ambition of most IT organizations is to have the majority of their workloads running on agile infrastructure using an assortment of ITaaS solutions. The reality is that while purely cloud native development and deployment will be the right approach for most new development, an enormous portfolio of legacy applications and their DevOps pipelines will not be trivially moved to the cloud. This is due to the cost of migration vs. the value of the software, training of staff, security concerns, etc.

To address this, Karellen’s software and methodology is completely generalizable and supports any combination of operating modes from completely standalone self-contained instances to hybrid cloud secure multi-tenant services. Karellen supports:

  • Desktop/Laptop development
  • Legacy data center tenancy on dedicated equipment
  • Container based operation (e.g. the Docker ecosystem)
  • Internal Cloud
  • Private External Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud (any combination of the above across multiple providers)

With all of this in place it becomes straightforward to incrementally automate and migrate any or all of your legacy applications and DevOps to the optimal environment. Creating new cloud native applications becomes a slam dunk.


With great power comes great responsibility. Karellen leadership and staff has decades of experience at top tier investment banks, hedge funds, enterprise software houses, and startups providing mission critical solutions in the most demanding environments. Karellen has worked to distill and codify a philosophy and a set of best practices for building extremely high velocity development organizations.


Karellen can help share this refined expertise with your development staff via highly customized training and consulting engagements.