Karellen is an open-source automation platform that delivers on the promise of NoOps, providing the degree of automation previously requiring a team of expert engineers to create and maintain. Karellen is offered as SaaS or can be downloaded and installed as a standalone application.

Karellen Overlord™

Karellen Overlord is the core of the Karellen platform.

Overlord delivers the following principal functionality out-of-the-box:

  • General-purpose distributed process-oriented workflow with interactive capabilities.
  • Flexible organization and project hierarchy, allowing security and policy isolation and inheritance.
  • Universal distributed policy engine controlling every stage of the workflow lifecycle.
  • Software repository and artifact storage support.
  • "Everything"-as-code: inheritable and versioned project, policy, orchestration, provisioning and repository management directly from your source tree for easy and minimal customization.
  • REST API as external and internal API for safe and flexible extensibility.
  • Innovative tiered plugin infrastructure allowing core isolation and flexible per-project plugin versioning.

Overlord provides the following enterprise features out-of-the-box:

  • High-availability with no single points of failure.
  • Webscale is the only scale.
  • Self-healing, automatic scaling, and monitoring.

Overlord provides levels of security unprecedented for DevOps and NoOps platforms:

  • Run untrusted builds and tasks, sign code, and setup test and production infrastructure without ever exposing security credentials.
  • Multi-tier principal and access control management for maximum security and task isolation.
  • Several levels of organizational isolation, from share-everything to share-nothing platform compartmentalization.

Karellen Overmind™

Karellen Overmind is a software development cycle and operational analytics component of the Karellen platform, providing enchanced visibility for Karellen Overlord.

Karellen Overmind provides:

  • Organizational resource utilization reports and cost monitoring.
  • Organizational and team performance reports and monitoring.
  • Deployed infrastructure performance analytics.


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